Immigration to Canada

Immigration to Canada.

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Meeting the language requirement

As of November 1, 2012, adults (ages 18-54) applying for citizenship will have to send proof that they have adequate knowledge of English or French (listening and speaking).

Applications received on or after November 1, 2012 must have proof of language included in the application package. If your application is received after November 1, 2012 without the acceptable proof, it will be considered incomplete and will be returned to you.

To avoid having your application returned to you as incomplete, it is recommended that you complete the new form, available November 1, 2012, and include the necessary acceptable proof of language.

See: Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Acceptable documents for language requirements.

For your information
Can my immigration consultant represent me before the Federal Court?No, this is considered illegal practice of law. Only lawyers can represent you before the federal Court. Illegal practice of law is legally sanctioned.
I was advised to lie about my legal status to obtain a visa is this grave?Yes, a false representation on your civil status or any other false representation can render you inadmissible in Canada.
I am being called for a meeting with an immigration agent. Do I have the right to know the reason why I am being called for the interview and do I have the right to be accompanied by a lawyer?Yes, you have the right to know the reasons why you are being called for an interview and you have the right to be accompanied by a lawyer.
I called Citizenship and Immigration Canada and an agent told me that I had to leave the territory. Do I need to leave the territory?The agent does not have the right to interpret the Immigration and Refugee Act. It is strongly advised that you consult with an immigration lawyer in order to obtain a written legal opinion based on the facts of your particular case.
I received correspondence in English while I asked to be served in French. Do I have a recourse?You have the right to be served in the language of your choice English or French.
I was called in order to be deported do I have a recourse?It depends on your particular fact scenario; you need to consult an immigration lawyer immediately.
I have been deported from Canada. Can I come back?It depends on your fact scenario, It is important that you consult an immigration lawyer.
Citizenship and Immigration Canada indicates that I do not need a lawyer to represent me. Why should I pay a lawyer?This is a personal choice. Note that the law, regulations and procedures and policies in immigration apply to everyone equally and that nobody is suppose to ignore the law. For this reason alone you should contact a lawyer. An error on your part will not be forgiven because you did not know the law.
I am the victim of domestic violence and my sponsor is threatening to have me deported. I am forced to leave Canada?There are recourses for victims of domestic violence following a spousal sponsorship. It is important that you consult a lawyer if you are facing this sad situation.
I have a work visa and have been fired, do I need to leave Canada?Every case is different. Consult a lawyer to find out what options you have. It is often possible to not have to leave Canada.
Why does your website not contain recommendations from your clients?Lawyers are not allowed to use testimonies of their clients in their advertisements. The office takes its clients right to confidentiality to heart. The majority of the firm’s clients are references from other clients through word of mouth.
I want to immigrate to Canada. Am I admissible?The firm understands the importance of this question for its clients and a selection interview is required to analyse your options. Certain clients qualify under different categories. It is then a question of choosing the right category for your particular case.
Do you win all cases?No, the firm tries to represent its client to the best of its abilities’. The office has won many cases before different tribunals and government departments but can in no way guarantee that it will win your case.
Immigration to Canada
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