Cabinet Molina Inc.

Cabinet Molina Inc.

Cabinet Molina Inc.

A modern approach to solving legal issues.

The office takes pride in serving its clients personally and handling every aspect of the file. Clients from all walks of life are happy to have a real person answer the phone and a lawyer answer their questions without having to deal with a translator or paralegal.

The firm has a practice mainly focused on Immigration and Business Law but also takes pride in handling both commercial and civil litigation cases both at the Court of Quebec and at the Superior Court as well as different federal and provincial tribunals in Canada.

Your partner in international migration and international business.

The head office is located in Montreal in the province of Quebec, Canada.

Cabinet Molina Inc. offers confidential, up to date, reliable and efficient legal services with the main objective of solving legal matters rapidly and to its clients' satisfaction.

Professionally representing clients through the simplest to the most complex legal cases with equal care and rigour.

Based on its past work and reputation, Cabinet Molina Inc. regularly gets references from other law firms to appeal cases at the Federal Court of Canada or to represent clients in complex legal matters.

Cabinet Molina Inc. also regularly serves clients referred by former and current clients.

  • Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal

    Kaguyahime by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal

    Dancers: Yadil Suarez Llerena and
    Tetyana Martyanova
    Photo by: Damian Siqueiros
    With permission from: Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal
  • Consecration by R. Reynaldo

    The painting "Consecration"
    by R. Reynaldo

    Painter: Reynel Reynaldo Velázquez
    Year: 2004
    Medium: oil/canvas
    Dimensions: 115x100 cm
    With permission from the artist
  • Neisy Wilson sings live

    A heartfelt singing
    performance by Neisy Wilson

    Singer: Neisy Wilson
    Song: "Summertime", live
    With permission from the artist

It also represents artists, singers, dancers, painters and actors from different countries.

The law firm assists companies and employees obtain much needed Labor market opinions, certificates of acceptance and work permits and processes permanent resident applications.

The firm helps, counsels and prepares in land and overseas sponsorship applications for its clients.

The firm represents refugees across the globe and pleads in favor of its clients at the Immigration and Refugee Board, at the Citizenship and Immigration offices and at the Federal Court of Canada and at the Federal Court of appeal of Canada.

The firm presents stay of removals at the Federal Court and accompanies and makes representations for clients before Citizenship and Immigration and Canadian Border Agency.

The firm represents students with problems obtaining or renewing their study permits and workers having problems renewing their work permits.

The firm takes pride in thinking outside the box and often finds original solutions to legal problems which facilitate settlement of cases for its clients.

Exceptionally, the firm accepts legal aid mandates and gives back to the community accepting pro bono cases.

What you can expect from Cabinet Molina Inc. :

  • Confidentiality
  • legal expertise
  • responsiveness
  • integrity
  • an understanding of clients and their needs
  • cost-effectiveness
  • civility
  • a good reputation
  • presence and the capacity to listen
  • advantageous monetary and transactional values
  • strength in business law, immigration law, and litigation
  • a network of lawyers and professionals around the world to help you when your problems are outside of the office’s expertise.
  • office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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